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Holy Shroud on cardboard 95cm x 30cm

Holy Shroud on cardboard 95cm x 30cm

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Discover the depth of spirituality through this card featuring the Holy Shroud, with small dimensions of 95 cm x 30 cm. This is not just a simple card, but a unique opportunity to connect with the history and sacredness of this ancient relic. Perfect for framing in the home or in sacred places, it offers a door to contemplation and reflection on the Christian faith. Whether you are a devotee looking for inspiration or simply curious, this card represents a precious reminder of the veneration for the Holy Shroud of Turin.

  • Material : High quality cardboard
  • Dimensions : 95cm x 30cm
  • Features : Detailed depiction of the Holy Shroud
  • Ideal for : Framing at home, sacred places, object of contemplation
  • Use : Contemplation, reflection on the Christian faith, spiritual inspiration
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