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Reproduction of the Holy Shroud on cardboard with box

Reproduction of the Holy Shroud on cardboard with box

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Explore the fascination of the Holy Shroud with a detailed reproduction printed on cardstock, carefully housed in a box for storage or display. This set also includes a precious booklet 'How to read the Holy Shroud,' which offers insights and instructions for understanding and interpreting this sacred sheet. The reproduction captures every visual detail of the sheet, making it an object of great value for those seeking to deepen their faith and knowledge of the Christian relic.

  • Material : High quality cardboard
  • Dimensions : 95.5x30 cm
  • Features : Detailed reproduction of the Holy Shroud, in-depth booklet included
  • Included in the set : Box for storage and display, booklet 'How to read the Holy Shroud'
  • Ideal for : Personal study, spiritual gifts, collectors of religious objects

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