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Tau rosary hollowed out in olive wood

Tau rosary hollowed out in olive wood

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Discover the Tau Rosary made of olive wood, known for its sturdiness and natural beauty. The Tau cross, an ancient and meaningful symbol, is enriched by the delicate engraving of Christ, which adds a touch of profound spirituality and devotion. Each rosary bead is handcrafted, emphasizing the personal connection to faith through sacred art. Ideal for daily prayer or as a meaningful gift for anyone looking for a tangible symbol of faith and meditation.

  • Material : High quality olive wood
  • Characteristics : Tau cross with engraving of Christ, handmade beads
  • Design : Robustness and natural beauty
  • Ideal for : Daily prayer, spiritual gifts, meditation
  • Use : Symbol of faith and devotion, personal connection with spirituality
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