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Medal of the Holy Face with Prayer Card ITA

Medal of the Holy Face with Prayer Card ITA

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Bring with you a sacred memory of your faith with this medal of the Holy Face of the Holy Shroud, accompanied by a prayer card. The image of the face of Christ, imprinted on the front of the medal, inspires contemplation and reflection, while on the back, the clasped hands and the writing 'Ora pro nobis' invite prayer and intercession.

The card, adorned with the Holy Face, contains a meaningful prayer in Spanish that adds a spiritual touch to your day. This medal and card combination offers a unique way to carry the presence of Christ and find comfort in prayer, making it an ideal gift for those seeking spiritual inspiration and divine connection in their daily lives.

  • Material : High quality metal ID tag
  • Characteristics : Image of the Holy Face on the front, clasped hands and 'Ora pro nobis' on the back
  • Contents of the Card : Meaningful prayer in Spanish
  • Italian language
  • Best for : Personal use, spiritual gifts, faith reminders
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