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Canvas bag with Turin Cathedral print and Holy Shroud

Canvas bag with Turin Cathedral print and Holy Shroud

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Simple in its workmanship, but infinitely rich in its meaning, this bag is printed with the union between the Cathedral of Turin and the Holy Shroud, inviting those who carry it to meditate on the mystery and spirituality that envelop this sacred sheet.

Through its presence, every daily gesture is enriched with a profound meaning, transforming the simple act of carrying a bag with you into a continuous reminder of the connection with the sacred.

It is an invitation to reflect, to let yourself be enveloped by the mystery of faith and to find, even in the most chaotic moments, a point of spiritual connection that elevates and inspires.

  • Material : Durable canvas
  • Dimensions : 37x41 cm
  • Features : Print of the Cathedral of Turin and Holy Shroud
  • Ideal for : Everyday use, spiritual reflection, meaningful gifts

Buy your Canvas Bag now on Sindone Shop and carry a symbol of faith and meditation with you every day.

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